Ramadhan 2011

Hi peeps… This blog is full with spider webs and dust… *sneeze! Its almost a year since i write anything here. What’s up babe , u may want to ask? Well, let me see ; to start with… I am now typing and gonna post my entry via ipad… Ehem..ehem! Love the new gadget.. If u expect me to write my whole list of updates, you must be out of your mind coz just by thinking about it makes me wanna go crazy and its too long to write and it will be too long for u too read anyway.. So, to summarize on few important things will be :
1) I sent aleesha to quedees … Why not smart reader u ask ? Will elaborate on the reasons some other time. She’s doing great and i can see improvement .. That is important!
2)Akramin kuat berangan.. But still a bit slow in speech. He know nen,chair,no,mummy, baba,yaaa (for maria).. But he do understand what we say and what we ask him to do. He is so playful and makes me want to hug him all the time. Once in a while, i will send him to nursery at my office just to exposed him.. And he is doing great! I hope he will be fine and healthy!
3) As for me.. Geee, i just don’t know where to start.. So many things happened.. I m taking a long, deep breath while typing this.. Gosh! I don’t know how to explain and i shouldn’t write about it as it is too personal, too complicated, too messy to be written, but things happened and its out of my control.. For once, i can’t control what is happening.. Sometimes i regret it like hell, but there are times, it makes me smile.. And sometimes,i want it to end but i wonder how its going to be like.. Is it destiny? I don’t have answer to that…. No one does!!!! Its silly, its weird, its funny, its sweet, its sexy, its tempting, it makes me smile,it makes my heart beat faster in many2 ways.. And sometimes it hurts so bad that i will hate it like crazy and wish i have said NO and stick with it at the1st place.i wish I am stronger … Of all the things that i ever imagine in my life, this never cross my mind, it is not listed in my list at all!! No one will and should know about this… So sorry guys, i wish i can explain more… Please ignore this and skip to no 4 (if any) ..
4) life been treating me good .. Too good till it scares me … I hope and pray everything will be ok! Please ..please..please!!
5)there is no number 5 actually… After writing no.3, i am out of words to write more for this updates… Maybe next time peeps! Salam ramadhan and god bless all of us! Sorry if this post dissapoint u guys… I just don’t feel like writing… Cheerio !










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